Private Networks


With businesses looking to consolidate their IT Infrastructure to improve cost effectiveness of these solutions communications and, specifically, the use of private networks have become a key part of business requirements.

Arafura Connect assists businesses in building these private communications networks utilising available costs effective technologies.

The use of several MPLS and VPN networks allows Arafura Connect to provide secure services to our clients through the use of Ethernet, Fibre and NBN services as we use best of breed solutions that secure our client networks and data.

Networks can also be configured to provide clients with VPN termination points that allow staff to connect through a secure portal to access the private network whilst they are out of the office; this suits business with a mobile or remote fleet.

Darwin's Arafura Connect will design, implement and manage a cost effective, fixed monthly price solution for your business requirements.

For further details, or to discuss a customised solution contact our sales team on (08) 8944 2244 or email

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