Internet Connections

Arafura Connect specialises in Business Internet services which is why we have now expanded our range and services to offer fixed monthly priced internet services for all the services offered.

All Arafura Connect plans include unlimited internet traffic subject to our fair usage policy. 

Plan Name Service Technology Download Speed Upload Speed Monthly Service Fee
NBN 25/5 NBN 25Mbit 5Mbit $165.00
NBN 25/10 NBN 25Mbit 10Mbit $175.00
NBN 50/20 NBN 50Mbit 20Mbit $185.00
NBN 100/40 NBN 100Mbit 40Mbit $225.00
ADSL2 + ADSL 24Mbit 1Mbit $165.00
High Speed Wireless Wireless up to 100Mbit up to 100Mbit From $200 / Month
Direct Fibre Fibre Service up to 1Gbit up to 1Gbit From $300 / Month  
NBN Symmetrical Fibre NBN 100 to 1000Mbit up to 1000Mbit Price on Application
Dark Fibre Fibre 70Gbit 70Gbit Price on Application

For further details or to discuss a customised solution contact our sales team on (08) 8944 2244 or email cybersecurity atsg