National Broadband Network NBN

It's finally here!

For those not aware what the NBN is, where have you been hiding?

It is one of the largest construction projects undertaken of its kind in Australia with the goal of bringing fast competitively priced internet to all of Australia.

One of the services that will benefit the NT residents is the laying and connection of a Fibre Optic cable to Darwin which passes through, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs and finally releases the Telstra monopoly on the infrastructure.

What this means for the general public is ultimately cost savings and access to a raft of new providers in the NT and not just for the internet, you will see more Mobile providers as their backhaul pricing for data is also cheaper and thus more players in these markets will take advantage of the services over time.

The new fibre backhaul service has gone live as of January 2012, it will take 12 months or so for many consumers to see many of the benefits but from the service point of view it will mean big things.

To this end Arafura Connect will be bringing online new services toward the end of 2012 as access to the new infrastructure is connected.

At this point we can only say that there will be more services, they will be cheaper and faster so stay tuned for more information.  If you would like to be provided further details you can register your interest by clicking on the following link.

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