Internet Connections

Arafura Connect specialises in Business Internet services which is why we have now expanded our range and services to offer fixed monthly priced internet services for all the services offered.

All Arafura Connect plans include unlimited internet traffic subject to our fair usage policy. 

Plan Name Service Technology Download Speed Upload Speed Monthly Service Fee
ADSL2  ADSL 8Mbit Download 384Kbit Upload $165.00
ADSL2+    ADSL    24Mbit 1Mbit $165.00
ADS2+ Annex M ADSL 24Mbit 3Mbit $175.00
Hight Speed Wireless Wireless up to 100Mbit up to 100Mbit From $200
EoC Ethernet over Copper up to 100Mbit up to 100Mbit From $300
EA Fibre Fibre Service up to 1Gbit up to 1Gbit From $700

Please not that these are the maximum speeds available from the closest exchange, in the event that the cable length is high you may not be able to achieve the maximum speeds of the service depending on your location.

Our High Speed Wireless services extend coverage from Darwin CBD out to Palmerston and many area in between, this solution differs from ADSL in that it is classed as a synchronous service where the up and down speeds are the same

The wireless solution is great for businesses that have branch offices that connect back to the head office or for a business that requires more bandwidth than what the ADSL Services can offer.

All Ethernet over Copper and EA Fibre Services will need to have a cable and exchange chack undertaken to verify that the service is available in your area.

For further details or to discuss a customised solution contact our sales team on (08) 8944 2244 or email